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Nana Adwoa Koranteng

Nana Adwoa has over ten years’ experience in micro-finance, nonprofit management, and entrepreneurship. Nana has a long-held passion for the economic empowerment of women because she believes women are able to lift their families and communities out of poverty if they are given access to decent economic activities. She has led The GirlFund Organization, since 2011, to provide skill training workshops, scholarships, and seed funding for more than 1000 women and teen mothers in rural communities.She is currently the team lead overseeing the Organization’s strategy to help young female graduates kickstart their entrepreneurial ventures.

Bertha Sithole

Bertha is the Director at StartUp Grind, Eswatini. She serves as a training development expert responsible for all training and business incubation programs at The GirlFund Organization.

Yeboaa Owusu

Yeboaa Owusu is an educationist and professional counsellor who has supported the vision of the Organization since its inception. She coordinates all counseling programs for women and girls on key projects. She has also been instrumental in the success of all our rural empowerment projects for women in remote communities we have served.

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