The GirlFund trains micro-entrepreneurs from Miss Taxi

The GirlFund trains micro-entrepreneurs from Miss Taxi

The GirlFund Organization has ended a Basic Entrepreneurship and Leadership Training (BELT)  for young female participants who are getting ready to kickstart their micro-enterprises in the transport sector. The Project and the GIZ, West African Transport Academy (WATA) – The She Drives The City Project and The Open Society Foundation, Miss Taxi Ghana and The GirlFund Organization partnered and developed the training program to deliver training modules that will enable the participants to grasp the basics of stepping out into the real world to kickstart their business- es and allow participants to practice business administration and market their businesses to others.

Being the first of its kind, the ladies who have being receiving practical driving and road safety lessons from Miss Taxi Ghana needed sound entrepreneurship and leadership fundamentals that will equip them for the male-dominated industy – transport. A total of 11 participants underwent the training, where 100% of the trainees were female. The audience was a mix of graduates from tertiary, post-secondary and Basic Education Certificate levels. The participants learned about basic accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses; marketing and customer service, personal branding and self-leadership for female micro-entrepreneurs.

The trainings were conducted on August 21, 2019, August 22, 2019, and August 23, 2019 at GIZ Pine Square Conference Room, Accra. The training was not one dimensional, and sessions included video references, interactive group exercises and discussion. The training was both lecture and activity-based and was focused on disseminating concepts and making the training experience both enlightening and beneficial for the trainees.

The trainer encouraged participants to share their knowledge and experiences for reinforcement and clarity of the topics covered during the training. In addition, the participants were asked for feedback and comments. Relevant and concise course material was prepared for the participants and was provided to them in the form of handouts/exercises.

The sessions were initiated with ice-breaker activities. Participants were required to introduce themselves, positively encourage their peers and indulge in conversations with each other. The objective here was to help participants feel comfortable with each other during the sessions. The participants were active and participated completely, hence the trainer adopted a participative approach in order to involve all trainees and make them receptive towards the basic concepts of leadership and entrepreneurship. At the end of all training sessions, a detailed question/answer session was conducted

Nana Adwoa Koranteng  – Master Trainer from The GirlFund Organization conducted these training sessions. Her primary objective for each of the sessions, in addition to the intended learning outcomes, was to create a safe environment for participants where they were able to express their concerns and queries related to entrepreneurship and leadership in their chosen micro-enterprise.


1. All participants agreed that the training was effective, and they have learnt new ways of bookkeeping, marketing, customer service and engagement, enhancing their personal brands for business success.
2. Participants lauded the take-home assignments which helped them to sit up and read more around the topics.

3. Participants were glad some leadership and group discussions helped them to network and know more about each other.
4. Participants would recommend this training for other young female micro-entrepreneurs.

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